Jolly and The Flytrap – Linger On Mazurka

It needed some time, until Jolly and The Flytrap were able to realise a new LP. The last album by the eight-piece from Engelberg “Electric Polka” was released in 2004. The Jollys have reached that they’re now the most legendary band in their region. That’s because of the state that they haven’t got the time to play many gigs or to record music. The band members have spread out into every corner of the country, that makes it diffiult to meet. Nevertheless, since over 25 years Jolly and The Flytrap distribute good mood all over the places they’re going to.

“Linger On Mazurka” is collocation of ten songs, whereof eight are new recordings. The songs “Electric Polka” and “Merry Go Round And Round” appeared already on the single “Electric Polka”, back in 2008.
The new LP contains the typical and unique Jolly and The Flytrap Sound, wherefore not everybody is into this record. Not even the musicians themselves can rank their music into a specific genre. For the most part, their music is characterised as electric polka, or, how in this case, mazurka. And a comparison to Manu Chao is often been taken.
The songs of the new album cover a great variety. For example “Electric Polka” is a very fast song, which tells about the barbarous lifes of the sailors. But many songs refer in a way to Manu Chao, for instance “Vico Masacote”, “Merry Go Round And Round” or “Cielo Abierto”. Of course the quiet songs aren’t missing. “Glória” or “Dream Life” are that slow and dramatic, that they seem to stand still. As a speciality, the accordion is plenty used, as in the polka – or is it now a mazurka – “Heppa Mazurka”. Sounds wonderful.
In my humble opinion, the bass plays many sophisticated lines during the LP. Especially with “Linger On”, there’s a song wich uses the bass extremly distinctive and helps to create this nice record.

Finally, to say it with the french recipe “Canard Pressé”: Willst du etwas essen, musst du es erpressen.*

* If you want to eat something, you have to blackmail it.


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