Flogging Molly – Live

I’ve recently seen Flogging Molly. And it was some kind of overwhelming. First, there was now need for any further entertainment, because these 50-year-old irish Folk-Punks have been still surprisingly energetic and they really know how to turn every random song – even Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changing” – into a pogo-adventure. Yeah, you can dance pogo, if you can “dance” pogo.
However. Flogging Molly didn’t only deliver an incredible atmosphere, they played good music as well. Yeh, the music was a bit loud, but I’m still alive. The adjustment of the band suited brilliant and a wonderful sound developed.
That Flogging Molly are a truly live-band was perfectly emphasised with exemplars like “Devil’s Dancefloor”, “The Likes Of You Again”, “The Seven Deadly Sins” or “Drunken Lullabies”.
There’s not much left to say, except:

– off and on, Celtic-Punk-Rock is simply necessary.

– don’t even try to go to a punk-concert wearing your braces.

– if you’re a genuine Irishman, then you drink Guinness onstage.

– if you’re a genuine Irishman, then you insult the Queen of England onstage.


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