Jolly & the Flytap – Live

I’ve recently seen Jolly & the Flytap. It did’t surprise me that they played a legendary gig, ’cause I’m a big fan. And I consider the Jollys as the most legendary band actually. I’m subjective, not narrow minded, but there’s simply too much which connects me with them. I have to neglect Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Clash or – if you will excuse me – The Libertines. They are all less legendary.

Now, forget the previous words, Jolly & the Flytrap presented their new record, “Linger on Mazurka”
(I wrote about this album earlier) and they played a setlist which featured the best songs from their
a-quarter-of-a-decade-career. In effect, the best thing was, that the venue has been full of their fans. From the age of 12 up to 60 year old people, dancing like they never had before. And the band, with their self made “uniforms”, showed how dedicative they are, when playing one of their seldom gigs.
The saxophonist stage dived around 5 times. Old kooks.
I can’t describe anything more than that. You have to know this band and how adored they are. They’re a benefication.


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