The Smooth Playlist

I’m really keen on playlists. For me it’s fun to create collections which cover a range of music that fits together. Typically, I develop playlist for different moods or situations. Most notably a “good mood” or a “summer” playlist. And I’ll use the word playlist in this post a bit too much.
I thought about arranging the ultimate smooth playlist. A playlist which should match to every situation as the perfect background music. A playlist filled with the most outstanding gentle, calm and smooth songs ever made. But in the end I just thought about that.
The playlist I formed isn’t given as an ultimatum at all. Due to – at least – two reasons. First, my smooth playlist just contains music out of my iTunes library, therefore the range is narrowed to the records I own personally and the ones I imported from somewhere else. And secondly, why should I be able to build up an ultimate playlist? I’m sure I don’t have the world’s best taste in music.
Anyway, here’s my playlist:

Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis – Dive
Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis – Above The Fog
Arctic Monkeys – Piledriver Waltz
AWOLNATION – I’ve Been Dreaming
Babyshambles – Lost Art Of Murder
The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Blood Red Shoes – When We Wake
Bob Marley – Jamming
Bonaparte – 3 Minutes In The Brain Of Bonaparte
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan
Buschi & Anni – Mörder
The Clash – Jimmy Jazz
Django Django – Firewater
Edoardo Bennato – L’Isola Che Non C’è
Eels – Love Of The Loveless
El Ritschi – The Train
El Ritschi – Grassäbiwak
Flogging Molly – Float
The Fratellis – Whistle For The Choir
Jake Bugg – Seen It All
John Lennon – Imagine
Jolly And The Flytrap – Grafenort
Klaxons – Twin Flames
The Libertines – What Katie Did
Mando Diao – Added Family
Mano Negra – Out Of Time Man
Manu Chao – Mentira
Manu Chao – Denia
MGMT – Electric Feel
Miles Kane – Rearrange
Muse – Map Of Your Head
Muse – The 2nd Law: Isolated System
Nirvana – Polly
Of Monsters And Men – Dirty Paws
Patent Ochsner – Bälpmoos
Pink Floyd – Mother
Radiohead – High And Dry
Raphael Gualazzi – A Three Second Breath
Rocco De Rosa – Iquique
Rossomalpelo – Il Mare Mi Salva
Simone Lo Porto – Il Girasole
Soko – I’ll Kill Her
The Stone Roses – Waterfall
The Strokes – Is This It
The Subways – Move To Newlyn
Tribes – Nightdriving
Two Door Cinema Club – Do You Want It All ?
The Vaccines – The Winner Takes It All
The White Stripes – You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket
Zaz – Je Veux
Züri West – Hallo Schiisluun

I’m happy with this playlist. It includes some extraordinary good songs and a couple of the most beautiful tracks ever written. Over all it’s simply smooth.
First of all, there’s a bit of Surfersound. Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis (picture above) is kind of a supergroup around a guy who’s called Alberto. The product is relaxation in English and Spanish.
And for sure almost every playlist has to feature Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Radiohead, MGMT and naturally in my case Muse, from which I choose “Isolated System” and the wonderful B-Side “Map Of Your Head”.
Furthermore, I made this playlist a bit more Indie, by adding Jake Bugg, Django Django, Blood Red Shoes or Two Door Cinema Club. And what’s a gentle playlist without Manu Chao.

My favourite Frenchman is substituted through “Mentira” and “Denia”, a song in melodic Arab. World Music ahoy.
Manu’s previous band Mano Negra is also present because “Out Of Time Man” is one of the smoothest songs I’ve ever heard.

Finally I couldn’t resist the italian musicians, especially not Edoardo Bennato. I mean, how could I have finished this playlist without adding his incredible beautiful song “L’Isola Che Non C’è”. Everybody understands this acoustic masterpiece’s intent, even without speaking a word Italian.

And thanks to the fact that I adore Spotify, I made a Spotify-Playlist. Enjoy.

Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t own every song on earth.


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