Music From Down Under

As you may know, there’s a continent somewhere on the other side of the world. Mainly consisting of Australia and New Zealand. Since some years those two countries became something like an aim for me. Because I aim to make huge journeys all around the world, but especially Down Under.
My obsession tends to result in a state where I consider almost everything from New Zealand and Australia as extremely cool.
However, I had to create a playlist with my favourite music from Down Under. There was no chance to avoid this playlist, as I explained before, there’s my enormous addiction to Oceania and on the other hand I’m a music enthusiast.

I chose 25 songs to feature this playlist by the following 15 artists:

Empire Of The Sun (AUS) – The Australian equivalent to MGMT. Brilliant.

Gypsy & The Cat (AUS) – Similar to Empire Of The Sun, but more electronic.

San Cisco (AUS) – Ingenious lo-fi indie-pop group.

Tame Impala (AUS) – Probably the number one psychedelic band in the world at the moment.

Architecture In Helsinki (AUS) – Pretty good indie-pop.

The Jezabels (AUS)see above

The Rubens (AUS) – Nothing new, but good.

The Temper Trap (AUS) – Two Door Cinema Club – Australian edition.

Boy & Bear (AUS) – Mumford & Sons from Down Under.

The Cat Empire (AUS) – Amazing band. Cat Empire is as indie as indie can be. Just an unbelievable
group, realting to tunes, lyrics and lifestyle. Even awesome is understated.

The Naked And Famous (NZL) – Pretty much electro.

Willy Moon (NZL) – Great artist who mixes 50’s rock with something electronic.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZL) – Psychedelic, but not too much.

Opossom (NZL) – Simply nice music.

Clap Clap Riot (NZL) – And I even found indie-rock in New Zealand.


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