Everything Everything – Arc


Everything Everything’s second album, called Arc, is that good, that I decided, after listening to it on Spotify on the day of its release, to buy Arc. That may sound a bit unspectacular, but you have to be aware of the fact that I only buy approximately up to 3 albums per month.

Cough Cough is an ‘old’ song, but nonetheless it was this sweeping, catchy piece of indietronica that stuck in my had and made my finally buy this release. Fast, almost overturning and I think drum based with nice synths, that’s how I describe the opener. But I struggle a bit with the lyrics, there’s something about cop car and glass jar. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all.

Whith Kemosabe follows a songs which sounds, except the chorus, more depressing to me than Cough Cough. Although the album is about end of the world and that stuff Everything Everything managed to make good sounding music for an apocalypse. And Jonathan Higgs sings falsetto.

Duet is a beautiful sounding song (I don’t want to be here when the sky is gone) which reminds me to Passion Pit’s Take A Walk. Really nice, with strings.

To proof that the Mancunian are able to write extremely emotional and thoughtful songs they come up with poetic Undrowned. And you can imagine, such a song has to be about apocalypse (Wind stops, the temperature drops).

Followed by Armourland the music changes into a funky song with a spacy dream-pop chorus. Why not trying something else, as long as it sounds good. And it does.

To distinguish a bit through the whole recording Everything Everything mixed some calm songs like Choice Mountain, _Arc_ and The House Is Dust with harder tracks like Torso Of The Week and Radiant where they actually took their instruments out of the holder and used them as guitars.

Finally it seems as if the tragedy comes to its end, and that’s not a metaphor for the album. The Peaks shapes a wrap full of grief, dolorousness and solitude. Between the piano and the vocals is such a profound unison that’ll even evoke the deepest feeling in the most superficial humans.
I’ve seen more villages burn than animals born.
I’ve seen more towers come down than children grow up.

But Arc isn’t supposed to end in misery and that leads to Don’t Try as the last track of Everything Everything’s second LP. My current favourite album of 2013 ends with a more guitar-based and somehow uplifting song. In the end Arc gave you happiness.


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