Mon The Biff

Yeah. I gave Biffy Clyro’s double-LP Opposites a chance and my verdict is: Nice rock-pop album.
I never became that keen on Biffy Clyro, although they’re Scots, and so I wasn’t that excited when I started listening to Opposites. Some people argue that Biffy aren’t the same as they were earlier in their career, or to say it different: Biffy Clyro only became popular after they left the underground scene and therefore changed their music. I can’t judged on that point, I’m too young for this. But I’m honest and I admit that I have one Biffy Clyro album in my collection, it’s The Vertigo Of Bliss, which is regarded as the last genuine Biffy Clyro LP. But I don’t like it.

Biffy Clyro came up with some good songs. Many Of Horror is probably my favourite. Still my post is about Opposites, so here’s my opinion:
Adorable rock with fast and loud songs and with some more quiet tracks. That’s all.
Ok, there’s one big disadvantage. It’s a double album, why didn’t they thinking first and then releasing a normal album. These 20 songs are too much. At least after the fifteenth song I was bored of the endless guitar riffs and powerful music. For sure, Biffy Clyro is possibly one of the best live bands at the moment but their double album doesn’t satisfy me over all.


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