Eels – Wonderful, Glorious


After waiting for three years Mark Oliver Everett, a.k.a. E, released a new album. E is the only consisting member of the band Eels, so the Eels is E and E is the Eels. I always liked the Eels, because their music is something special, but I adore them since someone told me that they’re ever seen on stage with beards.
And E’s ingeniousness was proven by a video which appeared some months ago in the web and shows Mark Oliver Everett preparing several Grammy acceptance speeches. Hilarious.

Now back to Wonderful, Glorious, the new Eels LP. It’s typical Eels sound. Starting with Bombs Away, during 5:24 mins, E talks with a muted voice and everything is kind of lo-fi. The unique squeaking guitars and all that extra-terrestrial stuff. I’ve been quiet as a church house mouse.

But to be honest, I don’t know exactly how I should describe Wonderful, Glorious to get an accurate result. Nonetheless I tried my luck and divided the songs into three groups.

There are more uplifting songs, with a bluesy touch and a brighter sound. Kinda Fuzzy is a great melodic song and makes me happy. Peach Blossom is slower than Kinda Fuzzy but it’s rock too.
Stick Together is a guitar song almost without any effects and reminds me to genuine rock and roll.

In the next section are slow, almost timid songs. Accident Prone, On The Ropes, The Turnaround, True Original and I Am Building A Shrine are the supply of this section. All of these songs are beautiful and some are tragic and sad. In my opinion this is E’s greatest attitude, to write the most saddest songs even imaginable. He’s able to transfer deepest feelings into music. Listen to The Turnaround and you know what I mean.

And finally the last group, the Eels songs. New Alphabet and Open My Present gives me chills,
Your My Friend makes me float and Wonderful, Glorious dislocates me into comfortable numbness.



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