Two Door Cinema Club – Live

I’ve recently seen Two Door Cinema Club and I was pretty excited because I really like their music, especially their debut Tourist History gained my awareness. I enjoy their hones mix of indie-rock with electronic elements.
Elsewise than on their follow-up Beacon, these Northern-Irish guys mashed up an optimal sound on their debut, with many, many catchy tunes throughout the album. So, full of enthusiasm, I arrived at the club X-Tra, where the gig took place and I heard the last few notes of the second supporting act Dog Is Dead. I took a little glimpse of the location and my impression was, that there were many people around pretending to be alternative. Further there was this club sound played, which almost made me puke.
After my friend and I finished our beers, we found our way to the middle of the space and made it between the stage and the mixing desk. With a pleasant delay of 15 minutes Two Door Cinema Club entered the stage and their gig took its beginning.
I insisted on not going any further towards the stage, because I thought the sound quality would become rubbish the closer I’d move to the speakers. Attending an indoor gig in the front row with hanging speakers is same to an acoustic set.
However, my decision didn’t use anything. The sound was merged crappy. Far too much drums and too less of Alex Trimble’s voice. But considering the voice, I’m not sure if it was the accurate determination to solve the technical dissonances and to get a proper mixing. To be honest, I didn’t like Alex Trimble’s voice on stage. Far away from their studio music.
Never mind, they played some songs then. It wasn’t a revelation, but I enjoyed it. Particularly their “old” songs from Tourist History were stirring. When they performed some great tunes in the middle of the set I could even start to dance properly. Can’t remember the names of the songs though.
Unfortunately most of the songs synths were a bit lame and apathetically. At any time Two Door Cinema Club came out with a terrific song and we battled us in front of the stage to go like a train, but then – out of nowhere – it was over, their last song. A bit more than one hour and finished. I felt a bit pissed off after that, they have more material to play and for the price I paid… embarrassing.
So, my verdict is, I will continue listening to Two Door Cinema Club and enjoy it, but I’m not sure if I’d go to their next gig in my area. Possibly I would, if they’d come up with a Tourist History-likeĀ third album, somewhen in the next two or three years.


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