Concert Reviews

Openair Gampel is one of Switzerland’s major music festivals with 85’000 attendees per year. This years edition had a pleasant line-up with Biffy Clyro, Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls, Flogging Molly, AWOLNATION, The Gaslight Anthem, The Editors, Deap Vally, Frightened Rabbit and Tenacious D amongst the most preferable bands to see.

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I’ve recently seen Two Door Cinema Club and I was pretty excited because I really like their music, especially their debut Tourist History gained my awareness. I enjoy their hones mix of indie-rock with electronic elements.
Elsewise than on their follow-up Beacon, these Northern-Irish guys mashed up an optimal sound on their debut, with many, many catchy tunes throughout the album. So, full of enthusiasm, I arrived at the club X-Tra, where the gig took place and I heard the last few notes of the second supporting act Dog Is Dead. I took a little glimpse of the location and my impression was, that there were many people around pretending to be alternative. Further there was this club sound played, which almost made me puke.
After my friend and I finished our beers, we found our way to the middle of the space and made it between the stage and the mixing desk. With a pleasant delay of 15 minutes Two Door Cinema Club entered the stage and their gig took its beginning. Read More

Last week I went outside to see my first ever Muse gig. And I have to say, the outcome is satisfying.
As the english three-piece started their set with dubstep-influenced “Unsustainable”, I spent my time on the toilet, and as I rushed into the hall, I was a bit surprised how small this venue was, just around 7000 or 8000 people were pushing themselves around.
Whatsoever, Muse proceeded their gig and dashed down the bombastic “Supremacy”, although the bombast wasn’t that overwhelming. It took about five or six songs until the mixing-desk-guys had everything under rudimental control, but it was indoor anyway.
Despite the sound problems, it was one huge technique show. Beginning with this enormous moving screen-pyramid which was centred above Dom Howard’s drums. Then they had some glasses which Matt Bellamy wore through “Madness” and on which the lyrics were flashed up.
And for sure, they used the good old laser as if they never could use him again. A lot of laser. Read More

I’ve recently seen Jolly & the Flytap. It did’t surprise me that they played a legendary gig, ’cause I’m a big fan. And I consider the Jollys as the most legendary band actually. I’m subjective, not narrow minded, but there’s simply too much which connects me with them. I have to neglect Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Clash or – if you will excuse me – The Libertines. They are all less legendary.

Now, forget the previous words, Jolly & the Flytrap presented their new record, “Linger on Mazurka”
(I wrote about this album earlier) and they played a setlist which featured the best songs from their
a-quarter-of-a-decade-career. In effect, the best thing was, that the venue has been full of their fans. From the age of 12 up to 60 year old people, dancing like they never had before. And the band, with their self made “uniforms”, showed how dedicative they are, when playing one of their seldom gigs.
The saxophonist stage dived around 5 times. Old kooks.
I can’t describe anything more than that. You have to know this band and how adored they are. They’re a benefication.

I’ve recently seen Flogging Molly. And it was some kind of overwhelming. First, there was now need for any further entertainment, because these 50-year-old irish Folk-Punks have been still surprisingly energetic and they really know how to turn every random song – even Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changing” – into a pogo-adventure. Yeah, you can dance pogo, if you can “dance” pogo.
However. Flogging Molly didn’t only deliver an incredible atmosphere, they played good music as well. Yeh, the music was a bit loud, but I’m still alive. The adjustment of the band suited brilliant and a wonderful sound developed.
That Flogging Molly are a truly live-band was perfectly emphasised with exemplars like “Devil’s Dancefloor”, “The Likes Of You Again”, “The Seven Deadly Sins” or “Drunken Lullabies”.
There’s not much left to say, except:

– off and on, Celtic-Punk-Rock is simply necessary.

– don’t even try to go to a punk-concert wearing your braces.

– if you’re a genuine Irishman, then you drink Guinness onstage.

– if you’re a genuine Irishman, then you insult the Queen of England onstage.

I’ve recently seen Franz Ferdinand. They’ve played a nearby festival back in the times of summer. But somehow, as the supporting act – the amazing Breton – started to play, it began to rain heavily. “Fucking Rain!” Nevertheless the crowd was in a good mood and as Franz opended their set, the atmosphere turned into a frisky rain-party.
Enough said. I realised that Franz Ferdinand is a huge live band, because they can turn you on, that you finally just want to party. I didn’t realise the wetness and neither the cold. But somehow Alex Kapranos found time, between “Ulysses”, “Take Me Out”, “This Fire” or “Do You Want To”, to shout a convincing “Fucking Rain!” . And the scottish indie-rocker’s didn’t play just their good old hits, they played also many new songs, which may will appear on their next studio album, which should be realeased this year.

I’ve recently seen Raphael Gualazzi. He played in a small location and I was one of the few lost people, standing in between stage and tribune. But the venue changed not much at the good performance which Gualazzi and his band presented. I didn^t knew their music before, but they convinced me with their mix of dignified jazz with modern blues and fast ragtime. Gualazzis finger were hammering in a unbelievable speed over the keys of his concert grand and his organ. In additon the band provided skilful background music, with two saxophones, a trumpet, a double bass, a percussionist and a guitarist. The musicians had visible fun onstage, even with pretending a Mafia shooting. So much for that.
But finally the best thing of this gig was Gualazzis outfit. He occured with a suit, but wearing rainbow socks.