Finally, another year is seeking towards the end. This is the time for all the music magazines and other people who pretend to have knowledge in music, to make their annual best album list.
And since I am also pretending to have the ultimate taste in music, I found myself in the desperate situation to make my own end of the year list. Therefore I’ve been waiting until 2012 is almost over and I could compile a list with the 35 albums I liked most this year. (As I mentioned that I waited as long as possible to create this list, I’d like to¬†notice that most of the magazines probably finished their lists by the end of september, or why could they elsewise publish them in mid-november)

Ultimately, I have to confirm that all the recordings in this list are really good. Or better said, not a single one is crap.
And by the way, my list isn’t ultimate. Not at all. For instance, didn’t San Cisco recently release their debut LP? I haven’t had a listen yet, maybe this album should have been considered into my selection too. You’ll never know if you missed a masterpiece.

Here follows my personal and exclusive choice of the 35 best albums of the year 2012: Read More