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animen hi

There’s been a new CD released. It’s an album called Hi! and it’s the debut album of Swiss band The Animen. Despite the fact that the band is from Geneva, thus in the french part of Switzerland, they sing in English. The band stated that they wrote English lyrics because their genre, garage rock, just can’t be sung in French obviously.
Their music is great, when I first heard the LP’s opener Harder Than Stone I thought that the singer’s voice sounds very similar to the voice of one of the Mandio Diao lead singers. It’s not only the lead vocals which remind to the Swedish, their sound is astonishing related to Mando Diao’s. A good omen. Read More


unknown mor

I love New Zealand and that’s the only reason why I had the pleasure to come in touch with Unknown Mortal Orchestra. This band, consisting of singer, guitarist and songwriter Ruban Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait and drummer Riley Geare, could be described as a psychedelic rock group. I am not a keen psychedelic rock listener, I’m a Pink Floyd fan, but I don’t if you can call their late work ‘psychedelic’ at all, to be honest I don’t like the stuff Syd Barrett made. If you come up with lyrics like
I know a mouse and he hasn’t got a house. I don’t know why I call him Gerald
then it’s just too much drugs for me.
Can I say that Jethro Tull made psychedelic rock? Because then I would have another band in my psychedelic rock binder, but I think I don’t have a binder who can play flute and stand on one leg.
But to mention some more and some younger psychedelic bands I think I could come up with MGMT or Tame Impala or even Alvin Zealot. That would be all psychedelic bands I know, shame or not.
But now back to II, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s second LP. Read More

I have decided to love San Cisco from now on. It wasn’t even a hard decision, because after I heard this four-piece for the first time, they’re band name didn’t got out of my mind anymore. Maybe that’s a sign that they’ve chosen a really good band name, what I think they actually did, or, and which’s much more important, maybe I remerbered them, because they are making proper music. And by the way, the fact, that this indie band is from Australia upgrades their value even more.
And now to their music. I just like it what they play, and I like their music in the same way as I like Vampire Weekend’s creations. Somehow it’s always fun listening to them, even when their sound isn’t really joyful, see “Reckless”. But to make a comparison to Vampire Weekend, just listen to “Girls Don’t Cry” it’s a wonderful similarity to the New Yorker Indie-Group.
So, yeah, I simply love lo-fi and can’t expect San Cisco’s debut album, which should be released soon.

The time has come once again, the legendary Jolly and The Flytrap have released a new record. The LP “Linger on Mazurka” contains 10 songs of which 8 are brandnew. The Jollys remained faithful on their style and recorded tunes out of their unique genre.
The eight-piece from Engelberg developed in their 30-year during band history a very distinctive genre. They mix the most different laguages and musical styles to come out with danceable polka or, how in this case, mazurka.