As you may know, there’s a continent somewhere on the other side of the world. Mainly consisting of Australia and New Zealand. Since some years those two countries became something like an aim for me. Because I aim to make huge journeys all around the world, but especially Down Under.
My obsession tends to result in a state where I consider almost everything from New Zealand and Australia as extremely cool.
However, I had to create a playlist with my favourite music from Down Under. There was no chance to avoid this playlist, as I explained before, there’s my enormous addiction to Oceania and on the other hand I’m a music enthusiast.

I chose 25 songs to feature this playlist by the following 15 artists:

Empire Of The Sun (AUS) – The Australian equivalent to MGMT. Brilliant.

Gypsy & The Cat (AUS) – Similar to Empire Of The Sun, but more electronic.

San Cisco (AUS) – Ingenious lo-fi indie-pop group.

Tame Impala (AUS) – Probably the number one psychedelic band in the world at the moment.

Architecture In Helsinki (AUS) – Pretty good indie-pop.

The Jezabels (AUS)see above

The Rubens (AUS) – Nothing new, but good.

The Temper Trap (AUS) – Two Door Cinema Club – Australian edition.

Boy & Bear (AUS) – Mumford & Sons from Down Under.

The Cat Empire (AUS) – Amazing band. Cat Empire is as indie as indie can be. Just an unbelievable
group, realting to tunes, lyrics and lifestyle. Even awesome is understated.

The Naked And Famous (NZL) – Pretty much electro.

Willy Moon (NZL) – Great artist who mixes 50’s rock with something electronic.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (NZL) – Psychedelic, but not too much.

Opossom (NZL) – Simply nice music.

Clap Clap Riot (NZL) – And I even found indie-rock in New Zealand.


Since I adore Pete Doherty, I have to be a Libertines fan too. And their performance at the 2010 Reading and Leeds festivals seem to be legendary. And so I post the whole gig.

Finally, another year is seeking towards the end. This is the time for all the music magazines and other people who pretend to have knowledge in music, to make their annual best album list.
And since I am also pretending to have the ultimate taste in music, I found myself in the desperate situation to make my own end of the year list. Therefore I’ve been waiting until 2012 is almost over and I could compile a list with the 35 albums I liked most this year. (As I mentioned that I waited as long as possible to create this list, I’d like to notice that most of the magazines probably finished their lists by the end of september, or why could they elsewise publish them in mid-november)

Ultimately, I have to confirm that all the recordings in this list are really good. Or better said, not a single one is crap.
And by the way, my list isn’t ultimate. Not at all. For instance, didn’t San Cisco recently release their debut LP? I haven’t had a listen yet, maybe this album should have been considered into my selection too. You’ll never know if you missed a masterpiece.

Here follows my personal and exclusive choice of the 35 best albums of the year 2012: Read More

I’m really keen on playlists. For me it’s fun to create collections which cover a range of music that fits together. Typically, I develop playlist for different moods or situations. Most notably a “good mood” or a “summer” playlist. And I’ll use the word playlist in this post a bit too much.
I thought about arranging the ultimate smooth playlist. A playlist which should match to every situation as the perfect background music. A playlist filled with the most outstanding gentle, calm and smooth songs ever made. But in the end I just thought about that.
The playlist I formed isn’t given as an ultimatum at all. Due to – at least – two reasons. First, my smooth playlist just contains music out of my iTunes library, therefore the range is narrowed to the records I own personally and the ones I imported from somewhere else. And secondly, why should I be able to build up an ultimate playlist? I’m sure I don’t have the world’s best taste in music.
Anyway, here’s my playlist: Read More

Last week I went outside to see my first ever Muse gig. And I have to say, the outcome is satisfying.
As the english three-piece started their set with dubstep-influenced “Unsustainable”, I spent my time on the toilet, and as I rushed into the hall, I was a bit surprised how small this venue was, just around 7000 or 8000 people were pushing themselves around.
Whatsoever, Muse proceeded their gig and dashed down the bombastic “Supremacy”, although the bombast wasn’t that overwhelming. It took about five or six songs until the mixing-desk-guys had everything under rudimental control, but it was indoor anyway.
Despite the sound problems, it was one huge technique show. Beginning with this enormous moving screen-pyramid which was centred above Dom Howard’s drums. Then they had some glasses which Matt Bellamy wore through “Madness” and on which the lyrics were flashed up.
And for sure, they used the good old laser as if they never could use him again. A lot of laser. Read More

I have decided to love San Cisco from now on. It wasn’t even a hard decision, because after I heard this four-piece for the first time, they’re band name didn’t got out of my mind anymore. Maybe that’s a sign that they’ve chosen a really good band name, what I think they actually did, or, and which’s much more important, maybe I remerbered them, because they are making proper music. And by the way, the fact, that this indie band is from Australia upgrades their value even more.
And now to their music. I just like it what they play, and I like their music in the same way as I like Vampire Weekend’s creations. Somehow it’s always fun listening to them, even when their sound isn’t really joyful, see “Reckless”. But to make a comparison to Vampire Weekend, just listen to “Girls Don’t Cry” it’s a wonderful similarity to the New Yorker Indie-Group.
So, yeah, I simply love lo-fi and can’t expect San Cisco’s debut album, which should be released soon.

Once again an entire week came to an end. The gloomy sunday has arrived and I’m sitting at home, thinking which songs I should choose for my playlist. I reflected the week and remarked I haven’t really discovered new music ans so I decided to create a playlist containing good old stuff.
But first I added San Cisco to the playlist, because I haven’t took them into a playlist before and I’m thrilled about this Australian Indie-Band.
And in addition, I noticed that HAIM didn’t feature in my playlists yet, so I had to changed this with adding “Better Off”.
There’s also a bit Indie (Manchester Orchestra, The Cat Empire), my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, bit of good old Django Reinhardt and finally two excellent acoustic tracks: Rodrigo y Gabriela playing Stairway To Heaven and Franz Ferinand’s acoustic version of Walk Away.